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About US

The online resource of physics is basically managed by a team of professional teachers, who are bascically involved in teaching the international curriculum of physics. The basic purpose of this project is to facilitate the leaners of physics subject throughout the wrold for their examination preperation.

This team is being lead by an experienced physics teacher, Mr. Rifaqat Ali Minhas who is making different levels of this subject easier for his students. His outlook on science and principles of physics is vast and highly sustainable. Since he has been working for many years in this field where he has gained command on theoretical physics, he has also achieved marked experience in experimental physics. 

He has a strong hold on teaching different curriculum such as American, Canadian, Edexcel and Cambridge curriculum. Therefore, he himself manages to answer all the questions and clear the doubts submitted on this forum by the students round the globe.


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About us:

A team of committed professionals providing free online resources of physics for the learners of IGCSE/AS/ A Level .....