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Experiments - Waves & Light

Hey there! welcome to our lab! Find and share here experiments related to science. The data provided in this section is user submitted as well as by phys uncle of Physics At Web. All the user submitted data is first approved by Phys Uncle before it is published.

Mechanics Waves & Light Elect. & Magnetism Thermal Physics
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Experiment's Objective :To determine the critical angle of glass using a Semi circular slab and a light ray box / or by prism
Description :

When a light ray enters into a glass prism from its one side, and emerges out from opposite side, then direction of propagation is changed. The angle between incident and the emergent ray is called angle of deviation. If angle of incident in denser medium is such that corresponding angle of refraction in rare medium is 90, then that particular angle of incidence is called critical angle. If angle of incidence is increased beyond its critical value, then total internal reflection takes place.

Category : Waves & Light By : Phys Uncle
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