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Category : By : Rifaqat Ali Minhas  
Experiment's Objective: To verify ohm's law by using a wire as conductor.
The ratio of P.D. across a conductor to the value of current flowing in it is a constant called resistance of the conductor. It is called ohm's law. The conductor obeying ohm's law Are called ohmic conductor and the others are non ohmic. Ohm's law is satisfied only when Physical conditions of the ohmic conductor are kept constant.
Voltmeter, ammeter, battery, rheostat, key, connecting wires, sand paper, a piece of wire about one meter length stretched over a wood board.

Draw the circuit diagram.

Check the voltmeter "V" and the ammeter "A" and note down their zero readings. If Possible, bring the pointer exactly over zero by turning the screw meant for this purpose by a screw driver. Note the smallest division of the ammeter and the voltmeter.

Make neat and tight connections.


*The connections should be neat and tight. *Put the plug in the key for a short time during which readings are taken. *The ammeter should be connected in series and voltmeter in parallel. *Zero readings of the ammeter and voltmeter should be noted in the beginning.

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