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Category : By : Rifaqat Ali Minhas  
Experiment's Objective: Tracing the magnetic field using a bar magnet
Bar magnet, drawing board, compass needle, paper, piece of chalk, rubber, pencil, Drawing pins.


Place the drawing board on the table.

Fix a white paper on the drawing board with the help of drawing pins.

Draw a straight line in the middle of the paper and place the compass needle on the line.

Adjust position of the drawing board on the table till ends of the magnetic needle coincide with the line

Mark N on the line on the side of the north pole of the needle and S on the side of South Pole.

Place the bar magnet along the line with its north pole on the side of N and its south pole on the side of S.

Mark boundary of the drawing board with the help of chalk and that of bar magnet with the help of pencil.

Place the compass needle near the North Pole (N) of the bar magnet and mark its two ends.

Move the compass away from its position in such away that its south pole comes over the mark representing position of north pole of the needle. Mark the new position of North Pole of magnetic needle.

Repeat this process till you come to the south of the bar magnet.

Join these points with free hand to get a line of force.

Place the compass needle near the north pole of the magnet at a new position and repeat the same process to get another line of force.

By starting from different position near the north pole of the bar magnet we can map out the whole magnetic field.

By same process you can trace magnetic field placing South Pole towards North Pole of the earth.


*Mark boundary of the bar magnet and that of the drawing board before starting the Experiment. *The bar magnet and the drawing board should remain in their position during the Experiment. *Different points should be joined with free hand carefully.

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