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Experiment's Objective: To draw a graph between temperature and time. When ice is converted into water and then to steam. By slow heating method.
When a solid melts to become liquid at its melting point (melting temperature), then heat absorbed is used to convert solid to liquid, and therefore temperature remains constant. When whole of the solid is melt then temperature starts rising due to supply of further heat. Similarly, when a boiling liquid is converted into vapours then temperature does not rise and remains constant till whole of the liquid is converted into vapour state.
Ice spirit lamp, tripod stand, beaker, thermometer, stirrer, wire gauze, stop watch, graph Paper, rubber, pencil and ruler.


Take a beaker. Put a stirrer and some pieces of ice in the beaker.

Place the beaker in a stand.

Suspend a thermometer from the stand in such a way that its bulb is dipped deep into the pieces of ice in the beaker.

Place a spirit lamp under the beaker and the heat the beaker.

Start the stop watch and the note the temperature at regular of one minute.

Continue noting temperature.

The temperature first rises to 0 C. it remains at 0 C till whole if ice melts into water. The temperature than starts rising and becomes 100 C. at this stage the water starts boiling, that is, changing into steam. It remains at 1000 C as long as the water continues boiling.


Select the suitable scale of time and temperature.

Take time along x-axis and temperature along y-axis.

Make appoint for each pair of readings of time and temperature.

Join the points marked on the graph.


*Use small pieces of ice. *Continue stirring during the experiment. *Note time and temperature at the same instant for each reading. *Heat the ice at low temperature.

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