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Category : By : Rifaqat Ali Minhas  
Experiment's Objective: To find the specific heat by method of a mixture using polystyrene cup (used as container of negligible heat capacity)
The heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of substance through 1kelvin is called it specific heat. It is denoted by C.
Hypsometer, lead shots, half degree thermometer, polystyrene cup, of negligible heat capacity.


Take some quantity of lead shots and put them in the metallic test tube of a hypsometer.

Fix the test tube in the hypsometer with bottom above the surface of water.

Fix the thermometer in the test tube in such away that its bulb is surrounded by the lead shots.

Heat the water in hypsometer so that it starts boiling.

Note the reading of the thermometer which represents temperature of the lead shots.

Weight the polystyrene cup with stirrer.

Fill 2/3rd of polystyrene cup with water and weight it again.

Note the temperature of water in the polystyrene cup which is also the temperature of the polystyrene cup.

Put the hot lead shots into the polystyrene cup.

Stir the mixture of lead shots and water till its temperature becomes uniform.

Note the temperature of the mixture.

Weight the polystyrene cup containing stirrer, lead shots and water.

Observation and calculation:

Mass of polystyrene cup along with stirrer = m1 =……….kg

Mass of polystyrene with stirrer and water = m2 =………

Mass of water                                              = (m2-m1) =………kg

Mass of polystyrene along with stirrer, water and lead shots       =m3 =……

Mass of leads shots                                                                = (m3-m2) =……

Initial temperature of polystyrene cup and water   = T1 =………….     C

Temperature of hot leads shots                               = T2 =………….     C

Temperature of mixture                                          = T3 =…………..    C

Rise in temperature of polystyrene cup and water = T3-T1 =….........   C

Fall in temperature of lead shots                             = (T2-T3) =…………..    C

Specific heat of lead shots                                       = C1 = 128.000J/kg C

Specific heat of water                                              = C2 = 4200.00J/kg C

Q1= heat lost by lead shots                      = (m3-m2) (T2-T3) C1

Q2=heat lost by lead shots                       = (m2-m1) (T3-T1) C2

Heat lost by lead shots = heat gained by water


                        (m3-m2)(T2-T3) C1     = (m2-m1) (T3-T1) C2

                                                C1      = (m2-m1) (T3-T1) C3 (m3-m2) (T2-T3)

                                                           C1=………………J/kg C


*Bulb of the thermometer must be dipped into lead shots. *Transfer the lead shots quickly into the polystyrene cup. *Stir the mixture. *Note the temperature mixture when it (temperature) becomes stable. *Note the temperature carefully.

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