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FAQs About Physics At Web

Here is the list of frequently asked questions about the site. For more information you can contact us by filling up the contact form here


Does this website belongs to some school / department?

No, this website and all data available does not belong to any school or any department. Copying of any data available here in any form, violates the policies of site and serious action will be taken.

Why questions for past year papers aren't available?

Past year exam papers are the properties of concerning university and departments. And because of the copyrights of respective universities, we do not publish the questions on our site.

Are you providing the marking scheme of the past paper questions?

No, we do not provide or reproduce the marking schemes. We are providing our own model answers for the past paper questions and guide lines to write the answers to get maximum marks in the examination.

Can we copy the data available on this site?

No, data available on the site is the property of the site. According to our terms of use, data available on the site is just for reading purposes. Duplication of data in any form violates our policies and serious legal actions will be taken against any one who violates our terms of use.

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