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Rev. Notes > IGCSE > Dangers of Electricity
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Damaged insulation Overheating of cables Damp conditions
Fuses Circuit breakers


Fuses are included in circuits to stop excessive currents from flowing. if the current gets too high, cables can burn out and fire can start. A fuse contains a thin section of wire, designed to melt and break if the current gets above a certain value. Usually, fuses are contained in catridges, which make it easy to replace them.

Some fuses use fuse wire, the thicker the wire the higher teh current that is needed to make it 'blow'.

A fuse represents a week link in the electricty supply chain.

Replacing a fuse is preferable to having to rewire a whole house.

It is important to choose a fuse of the correct value in order to protect an appliance.

The current rating of the fuse should be just above the value of the current that flows when the appliance is operating normally.


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Shorty got knocked out! Ill be back to this website since I have to study my IB NEXT YEEAR
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Said :
Shorty got knocked out! Ill be back to this website since I have to study my IB NEXT YEEAR
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