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Density Determination of density (Regular shaped objects) Determination of density (Irregular shaped objects)
Density of different materials

Determination of density (Irregular shaped objects)

To determine the density of irregular shaped objects, we use displacement method to calculate the volume of the iregular shaped object.

Use the balance to find the mass (m) of object choose the measuring cylinder that will accept the object.add liquid to the cylinder to fill it enough,so that the object will be completely submerged.measure volume v1 of liquid.

Lower the object into liquid and measure the new reading V2 so volume of object is


Density = mass ( m ) / volume ( V )

This  method can only be used for the objects having densities greater than density of water.

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Jasolina Drake Said :
That was very helpful,Thank You
  02/12/14 05:45 PM
Sacha Said :
Not a very good guide, more details please.
  03/11/14 11:40 PM
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There should be more than this
  18/08/14 07:45 AM


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