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Force Effect of force Friction
Balanced forces Unbalanced forces Addition of forces
Newton's firts law of motion Newton's second law of motion Newton's third law of motion
Circular motion Circular motion - Examples Center of mass
Hook's law Hook's law (Elastic behaviors) Hook's law (Plastic behaviors)
Hook's law - Elastic limit Effects of applied force on the materials Moment of force
Priciple of moment of force Equilibrium Conditions of equilibrium

Center of mass

The centre of mass is the point where we can assume all the mass of the object is concentrated.

As the gravity only acts at a single point in the object. So a single arrow on diagram can represent the weight of the object.

The centre of mass for regularly shaped objects is in the centre.

For irregular shaped objects,we can find the centre of mass by following steps.

  1. Hang up the object.
  2. Suspend a plumb line from the same place.
  3. Mark the position of the thread.
  4. The centre of mass is along the line of thread.
  5. Repeat the above steps with object suspended from different places.
  6. The centre of mass is where these lines cross.

Centre of mass links stability:

It is important to know where the centre of mass of a body is, as its position determines the stability of the body.

A body is stable if, when it is tilted slightly, the line of action of its weight passes through its base.

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wweerre Said :
all r coooo
  15/08/14 09:04 AM
Aroosha Pervaiz Said :
spend plumb line 4rm whr it is hanged upp
  21/04/13 03:43 PM
Aroosha Pervaiz Said :
  21/04/13 03:40 PM
Aroosha Pervaiz Said :
@ghost the point from where it is hanged up
  26/01/13 04:36 PM
Ghost Said :
Could you explain this :Suspend a plumb line from the same place. Thanks for your help.
  11/05/12 06:08 AM


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