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Spring balance Weight
Gravitational Acceleration Difference between mass and weight

Spring balance

A spring balance can be used to determine the mass of the objects.

spring balance

The upper end of the spring is hung from a hook and the spring is stetched by the weight of the pan attached to its lower end.

The scale then can be adjusted so that the pointer is aligned with the zero mark.

The balance can be graduated by placing known mass in the pan.

If the spring balance shows 30 N then the mass would be W / g = 30 / 10 = 3 kg, Where g is the acceleration due to gravity.

If this balance is moved to the moon the weight would be less and spring would not stretch so far.

In fact the pointer would indicate a weight of 4.8 N (Because the value of g on the moon is 1.6 m / s2, which is the 1 / 6th of the gravitational acceleration of earth)

So spring balance measures the weight of the object in Newtons.

Remember: Mass of the object remains same every where (either on the moon or the earth)


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Mr Manhating Said :
@Gowri, it does not say pluto is a plant if the table was about planets the moon and the sun would not be on it.
  18/05/14 09:56 PM
Gowri Said :
you have to be up to date on info. pluto , a planet? seriousle? and please give more details for each topic. thnx in advance
  27/02/13 08:00 PM
zaid Said :
give some examples>>>>
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Admin Replied:

Thank you very mych for your concern. Very soon, few examples will be added.

  22/01/12 07:11 PM
justinbeberhater Said :
muhammad,ur the one with the spelling mistaaked,idiot. its complete
  01/01/12 05:11 PM
muhammad ali akram Said :
the notes are easier and utterly comlete but, many spelling mistakes
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Admin Replied:

Thank You Mr Muhammed, We are trying our best to make sure all the spelling mistakes and grammer is edited in best possible manner.

  07/03/11 11:38 AM


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