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Spring balance Weight
Gravitational Acceleration Difference between mass and weight

Gravitational Acceleration

The earth exerts a costant gravitational pull on a body at any point on its surface.

This gravitational pull will give an uniform acceleration to a free falling body (the body falling freely under the action of gravity ignoring air resistance), increasing its velocity by approximately 9.81 m/s (10m/s) every second.Hence the value of g is approximately 9.8m/s2 (10 m/s2).

Different values of Gravitational accleration (m / s2)
Sun 274.13
Mercury 3.59
Venus 8.87
Earth 9.81
Moon 1.62
Mars 3.77
Jupiter 25.95
Saturn 11.08
Uranus 10.67
Neptune 14.07
Pluto 0.42


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Mr Manhating Said :
@Gowri, it does not say pluto is a plant if the table was about planets the moon and the sun would not be on it.
  18/05/14 09:56 PM
Gowri Said :
you have to be up to date on info. pluto , a planet? seriousle? and please give more details for each topic. thnx in advance
  27/02/13 08:00 PM
zaid Said :
give some examples>>>>
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Admin Replied:

Thank you very mych for your concern. Very soon, few examples will be added.

  22/01/12 07:11 PM
justinbeberhater Said :
muhammad,ur the one with the spelling mistaaked,idiot. its complete
  01/01/12 05:11 PM
muhammad ali akram Said :
the notes are easier and utterly comlete but, many spelling mistakes
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Admin Replied:

Thank You Mr Muhammed, We are trying our best to make sure all the spelling mistakes and grammer is edited in best possible manner.

  07/03/11 11:38 AM


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