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Pressure Atmospheric pressure Pressure in case of liquid
Mercury barometer Manometer


Definition of pressure:

Pressure is defined as force per unit area



When force is in newtons(N) and area is in m2, then pressure P is in N / m2 or pascal (Pa).

The following numerical example compares the pressure exerted on the floor by a girl of weight 400N, when she wears a pair of shoes with high heels(having small area of contact with floor) and when she wears a pair of slippers with large area of contact with floor.

  • With high heels

Area of heels=100X10-6m2  (assumed)
=4X106 N/m2 or Pa

  • With slippers.

Area of slippers=3000X10-6m2    
=0.13X106 N/m2 or Pa

Area of slippers is 30 times greater than area of heels. So pressure is 30 times greater in case of heels.

Hence when area is small pressure will be higher.

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Amaan Said :
Insufficient information
  26/11/15 01:23 PM
Uwase Sandrine Said :
A picture could help with again more details
  23/01/15 07:58 AM
Uwase Sandrine Said :
it would be good if it was detailed with a few examples and more explanation but thankx anyway saved my life
  23/01/15 07:49 AM
abdirahman Said :
i really need more details on pressure!!
  03/05/12 08:17 AM
Zoyaa Said :
Yeah good explanation but i need more in detail. Anyways Thank You :)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Admin Replied:

Thanks Zoyaa, for your comments. We will try to add more details very soon.

  09/04/12 06:17 PM
Zeenat Said :
Good understanding of pressure, but it will be good if few more examples are there.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Admin Replied:

Thank you for your comment. We are trying our best to make it possible.

  20/12/11 09:42 AM


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