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Rev. Notes > IGCSE > Simple Kinetic Molecular Model of Matter
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Molecular model Evaporation

Difference between boiling and evopartion

Boyle's law

Charle's law

Pressure law


Molecular model

The kinetic molecular model uses this idea that all materials are made up of atoms that behave rather like tiny balls.

Kinetic Theory Of Solids:
                                In solids the molecules are attached just as if springs representing the electric forces between molecules,hold the molecules together (as shown in figure)this enables the solid to keep a definite shape and volume.
Kinetic Theory Of Liquids:
                                A model to represent the liquid state can be made by covering about a third of the fitted tray with marbles that represents the molecules (as shown in figure)it is shaken to and from and the motion of the marbles observed.They are able to move around but most stay in the lower half of the tray,so the liquid has a fairly definite volume.

Kinetic Theory Of Gases:


The kinetic theory of gases is briefly given in the table below


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Where is the table for kinetic theory of gas??????????
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Hi I loved your notes they helped be get an A I have got through IGCSE.I am now presently DOING IB and needed IB physics notes. Thanks
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do you have a bit more detailed notes on this chapter?
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Thank you for your comment. We will make sure we provide more detailed information asap. Stay tuned

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thank you so much for this notes it was really helpful i am having physics exam tomorrow and i was so worried but now not and that's all because of your notes thank you so much
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