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Rev. Notes > IGCSE > Simple phenomenon of magnetism
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Properties of magnets Basic cause of magnetism Properties of magnetic lines of forces
Ferus and non-ferus materials Methods of magnetisations Methods of demagnetisations
Experiment - pattern of magnetic lines of forces arround a bar magnet Properties of magnetic lines of forces Magnetic properties of iron and steel
Design and use of permanent and electromagnets

Methods of magnetisations

A piece of steel becomes permanently magnetised when placed near a magnet, but its magnetism is usually weak.

It can be magnetised more strongly by stroking it with one end of a magnet, as on the right.

However, the most effective method of magnetising it is to place it in a long coil of wire and pass a large, direct(one way) crrent through the coil.

The current has a magnetic effect which magnetizes the steel.

The polarity of the magnet can be determined by

(a) viewing from one end of the coil; if current flows in an anticlockwise direction, that end will be the North pole.

(b) viewing from one end of the coil; if current flows in a clockwise direction, that end will be the South pole.





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