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Rev. Notes > IGCSE > Simple phenomenon of magnetism
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Properties of magnets Basic cause of magnetism Properties of magnetic lines of forces
Ferus and non-ferus materials Methods of magnetisations Methods of demagnetisations
Experiment - pattern of magnetic lines of forces arround a bar magnet Properties of magnetic lines of forces Magnetic properties of iron and steel
Design and use of permanent and electromagnets

Experiment - pattern of magnetic lines of forces arround a bar magnet

The magnetic field lines can be tracced on a paper by a compass needle ( a tiny magnetic needle).

  • The compass needle is first placed near the north pole of magnet.
  • The position of poles of needle are marked on paper.
  • Then needle is moved to new position such that position of its south pole coincides with previous position of its north pole.
  • This process is continued until the needle reaches south pole.
  • BY joining these points we get to magnetic line of force.
  • Then it is placed at some other position near north poile and above procedure id reapeated.

In this way number of magnetic lines are traced on whole of sheet of paper.





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