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Thermal expansion Precautions against thermal expansion Uses of expansion
Unusual expansion of water Measurement of temperature Liquid in glass thermometer
Thermometer - thermocouple Thermal capacity Experiment - Determination of specific heat capacity
Difference between boiling and melting Specific latent heat of vaporization Specific latent heat of fusion
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Thermal expansion

Thermal Expansion of Solids , Liquids and Gases

When matter is heated it expands and when cooled it contracts.

According to the kinetic theory the molecules of solid and liquids are in constant vibration.

When heated, they vibrate faster and force each other a little further apart. 

Expansion results , and this is greater for liquid , gases expand even more.

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himesh mohanty Said :
its helpful but needs little more explanation
  15/05/15 04:44 PM
Student Said :
It is good and to the point but in my physics book heat capacity : C=Q/delta theta And please add examples
  17/02/15 05:28 PM
Victoria George Said :
Really helpful!!!!
  01/02/15 09:49 PM
good Said :
thank you but plz explain more!
  25/04/14 03:17 PM
person Said :
Thanks so much :D but it would be even better if you added an example. Thanks
  25/04/14 01:41 PM
student Said :
i was dying to understand that about bridges in the precautions of thermal expansion, couldn't find it anywhere on the internet. this really helped. but i still didn't get how does rollers at the other end work?
  14/04/14 02:53 AM
xenedrome Said :
awesome keep it up
  04/12/13 02:21 PM
Peter Dave Said :
What a poor website. One of the worst I've ever seen. Too short the explanations they're totally useless for my test...
  03/12/13 04:09 PM
Vasin somdum Said :
Helped me a lot but still less information
  12/06/13 06:37 PM
Where is the graph????
  22/05/13 07:39 PM
Random Person Said :
Hey! these are the exact words from my physics book.
  12/04/13 03:27 PM
wasantha Said :
Equation -2 is wrong. E/t = V . I P = V I
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Admin Replied:

Thank you for your comment. We are updating and revising the articles and the mistakes shall be corrected soon.

  26/12/11 09:45 AM
chrissy Said :
  03/11/11 02:31 PM
Ali Said :
perfect helped
  04/03/11 08:27 PM


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