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This corner of site is dedicated to the data submitted by users. The data submission does'nt requires registeration & is absoulutely free. The submission can be anything from articles to still images related to science & technology.

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Eddy currents or Foucault currents and loss of energy

Date : 19/09/15 06:15 PM

When a varying magnetic field passes through a solid mass of conducting material, induced currents are produced within the material in a manner simmilar to that by which currents are induced in straight wire conductor or coil. These currents are called eddy currents. These currents circulate in a closed loops within the conductiing material and heat produces in the material. 

In most electrical devices, the heating effect produced by the flow of electric currents results in a waste of energy. To minimise this, a solid mass of a conducting material which lies within the changing magnetic field, is usually replaced by laminated pieces of the same material. Each layer of material is insulated from the next by a thin coating of enamal so that a very high resistance is offered to currents that may be produced within the block of material as a whole. In this way, the circulation of eddy currents is restricted, and the loss of energy minimised. 

It is to reduce eddy current that a bundle of insulated soft-iron wires is used in the induction coil and a laminated iron core for the transformer.


No files Attached By : Rifaqat Ali Minhas
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