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Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning - CICTL

Date : Saturday, 27 January, 2018

CICTL - A practice-based qualification for continuing professional development, the Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning delivers an immediate improvement in teaching and learning in all educational contexts. The Certificate encourages initiative and innovation, helping teachers to develop their own abilities, based on their own experience, whilst having their work assessed to international standards.

To achieve the Certificate, candidates must complete one practice-based assignment, consisting of evidence of three activities in their teaching. The assignment is externally assessed by Cambridge and feedback is provided to the centre and to the candidate. The assignment is organized around three activities:

1. Understanding principles of learning and teaching

2. Teaching an effective lesson

3. Facilitating active learning through effective teaching 

Activities include lectures, tutorials, presentation, forum discussions and classroom practice and assignments.

It does not only help you to learn how to design and implement your own module but gives you tips and guidelines on how to become a good and remarkable teacher as well.

This programme is a Certificate at Professional Level and will definitely upgrade your professional portfolio. It is directly accredited by the Cambridge International Examinations. As the certificate to the qualified candidates is being issued by the Cambridge University U.K. so the name and logo of the Cambridge International Examination Board is printed on the cetificate.

How the certificate will be benefitted?

The Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning is a practice-based qualification for continuing professional development, relevant to all teaching and learning contexts. Candidates can be teaching in Cambridge programs, e.g. the Cambridge Primary Program or IGCSE, or in other international, national or local programs. The Certificate encourages candidates to refresh their approach to teaching and learning. It is ideal for anyone in a teaching or training role who needs to innovate and to update their skills. The Certificate is based on a range of relevant professional activities, to match the particular needs of candidates and context. As it is a short professional program, the Certificate can quickly help to improve thinking and practice.

CICTL will support a lot to those who are seeking teacher licence in united Arab Emirates (U.A.E). The program has been designed to cover the maximum standards of the TELS (Teachers Educational Leadership standards) exams, which are professional and ethical conduct, professional knowledge, Professional practice and professional grwoth of the teacher.

What are theTELLS exams?

Every teacher who is seeking the teacher licence will have to appear for these exams based on certain standards. These teacher standards for the UAE were developed to ensure teachers can demonstrate professional competence that aligns with the aspiration of the UAE Vison 2021 and international best practice.

Who can participate for this certificate?

The Certificate is ideal for anyone in a teaching or training role, who needs to update their skills. Candidates can be full or part-time teachers or trainers in schools, colleges, training organizations and companies, working with learners from pre-school through to higher, adult and work-based education. They can be new in the teaching/training role or having years of experience.

Where will I attend the course?

AIS in Sharrjah is an accredited center for the Cambridge professional development qualifications. All training session will be conducted inside the centre itself. 

Who will be the trainer?

Cambridge professional development centre has developed a strong team of experienced trainers for professional development qualifications, who have a wide range of experience and the team is working with an experienced Cambridge Accredited Program Leader, Mr. Rifaqat Ali Minhas.

What is the duration of the course?

Four (4) months. The Certificate involves approximately 120 hours of preparation, including formal professional development activities, individual and group study and preparation of the assignment which is done in three parts. As an accredited centre, Cambridge professional development centre will provide dedicated support materials and guidance to the candidates.

How to register for CICTT?

To register and to know more about course details and fee structure, contact

Download Attachment! By : Rifaqat Ali Minhas
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