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This corner of site is dedicated to the data submitted by users. The data submission does'nt requires registeration & is absoulutely free. The submission can be anything from articles to still images related to science & technology.

Note* The data in this corner is all user submitted data and is not responsible for contents. Although in-case of copyright infringment, the originall copyright holder of content can report the url to the admins for removal of content, by following the link given at the bottom of page "Report Contents".

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0625/6 - Light experiments, Limitations and improvements

Date : 05/03/11 02:32 PM

Alternative to practical examination 0625/6 – Article 1 In light experiments using objects, lenses, source of light and a screen:-

  •  Just make it sure that each item (object, lens and screen ) is aligned so that the centre of each item is at the same height and on the same horizontal straight line.
  •  Always keep the distancesbetween the items at least 100 mm in length.
  • use a fiducial aid when measuring a length.
  • Use a translucent screen.
  •  perform the experiment in a shaded part of the laboratory or in the drak room.
  •  Perform the experiment on horizontal and stable desk or table.

In ray tracing experiments

  • Keep at least 60 mm distance betweenm the object pins (or as much as possible or depending upon the diagram).
  • Make it sure that all the pins are vertical.
  • Always draw the neat and thin lines.
  • Use the largest angles available and draw the arms of the angle longer than the radius of any protractor being used, a large radius is desirable.
No files Attached By : Phys Uncle
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