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Spiritualism & Magnetism - I

Date : 31/05/11 12:58 PM



(Article 1)

By: Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri


Our Dissociation with the Past

The Muslim Ummah remained at the pinnacle of glory for over a millennium. It had stamped its existence on the surface of the earth. But it eclipsed to such a stalemate that even the urge to remain in the race got consigned to oblivion. Devoid of a zeal for worldly advancement and spiritually hollow, we have entangled ourselves in superficial and absurd paradoxes and contradictions. Indifferent to our immense ancestral heritage, we have lagged far behind, serving other nations with a welcome opportunity to feed on our forefathers’ highly nourishing and delicious inputs in the field of scientific research and intellectual advancement. We know we are starving but we do not comprehend how and why! We have failed to perceive what assets we have ruined. We are bereaved of both vision and the insight. This predicament has consequenced to humiliation, disesteem and debasement.

One major reason of our fall to dishonor and disdain, is our indifference towards scientific disciplines. It has put us among the tail-enders in the world. An in-depth inquiry of human history reveals that our ancestors disseminated thought and philosophy to the whole world and founded numerous scientific disciplines. Had our forefathers not accomplished their pioneer work in the field of empirical sciences, the contemporary scientific disciplines could never have developed into their present status. They dawned with their wisdom on the Western Nations drowned in murk and darkness of ignorance. The Western World amply fed on our illuminating heredity. And we spared everything for them witlessly.


No files Attached By : Mrs. Ali
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Mrs. Ali Said :
It is an important topic which I will try to bring in different parts. Just see how the author relates Physical Magnetism with the Spiritual Magnetism, regardless of religion. What I have seen, the author has very scientific approach towards his subject, also he is very positive about the brotherhood among different religion, but strong on his faith. Please take this topic as a topic physics (Magnetism) and keep in touch with the coming articles. Thanks
  02/06/11 07:54 AM
Ahmad Deen Said :
@Jorge Bro im just asking question regarding the post, if u hav problem kindly ask the admin to remove the post.
  31/05/11 06:02 PM
Jorge Adam Said :
@Ahmad let it be a physics forum. stop spaming
  31/05/11 05:52 PM
Ahmad Deen Said :
With all due respect, i raise a question here, though i came here lurking around for finding quantum physics but i found here some stuff regarding Dr Tahir Ul Qadri. My question is, if we go back to islamic history and time of sahabas and tab3een, we cannot fine any strong evidence which could prove that Prophet or his companions ever celebrated Christmas. But we find many such incidents when Prophet PBUH ordered us not to follow or do things which non Muslims do. Secondly According to Dr Tahir ul Qadri, "Jews, Christians and Muslims all belongs to the row of Ahl-e-Imaan (people of the Faith)" But Quran say for which the meaning is , "Ahl-e-Imaan are those who brought faith on Allah, Angels, Holy books, And his Prophets" And as far as i know the pure christian saints DOES NOT ACCEPT PROPHET MUHAMMED PBUH AS LAST MESSENGER" Then how can they be Ahle-e-man? Visit the link
  31/05/11 05:50 PM
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