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This corner of site is dedicated to the data submitted by users. The data submission does'nt requires registeration & is absoulutely free. The submission can be anything from articles to still images related to science & technology.

Note* The data in this corner is all user submitted data and is not responsible for contents. Although in-case of copyright infringment, the originall copyright holder of content can report the url to the admins for removal of content, by following the link given at the bottom of page "Report Contents".

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Living in a field

Date : 19/10/11 11:04 PM
People often worry that the electric field produced by a mobile phone transmitter may be harmful, but detailed studies have yet to show any evidence for this. If you hold a mobile phone close to your ear, the field strength will be far greater than that produced by a nearby mast. What do you think about it? Write down your comments.
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Shahzaib Arshad Said :
Its isn't true that no proof is available. There are many institutes which carried out study of effect of electric field on Human brain. Visit the link to read more.
  21/10/11 02:48 PM
Maysa Said :
my parents always say that it is harmfull, i do not know why?
  19/10/11 11:08 PM
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