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Time is scalar quantity or vector quantity

Date : 13/01/12 12:33 PM

It is a big question which generally comes in our mind that "time is scalar or vector".

Answer is "time is a scalar quantity".

In the definition of the vector "we have to give the information of the direction of motion to express that physical quantity". But whenever we tell time to some one, we never say "it is 05:30 towards east or west, etc. or time is making this angle with the horizontal or vertical. We express the time without any direction so time is scalar.

Suppose time is a vector quantity.Then it should obey vector law of addition. As you say it has only one direction, the resultant will always be an algebraic addition of the individual times like scalar. So by this property it is a scalar.

What do you think. 

Add your comments here.

No files Attached By : Muhammad Abdullah
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pratibha panigrahi Said :
i think time is scalar as well as vector.first, as it has no direction it can be consider as a scalar quantity but when we onserve watch it has some direction .
  25/05/16 03:33 PM
Abdullah Said :
Actually I think that this option is not accurate because the needle of watch also have a direction so why time is scalar no matter we say that time is 5:30 east or west
  14/01/16 08:33 PM
Aysha Ali Said :

I believe, time is scalar quantity. We are not giving any information of direction, when we express time.

  15/08/15 06:47 PM
Pankaj Malviya Said :
i am not satisfied with this answer because we know that a saclar is something which need no directional discription as its magnitude remains the same in every direction but when it comes to TIME it condtradict the above definition as time depends on the position and direction of measurement thats why we say its 10.30 in india however the clocks in USA will show some different value of time. then how can we say " Time is Scalar " Please explain this i am very much confused with it
  19/05/14 03:09 PM
arbab ali Said :
time is vector because we say am or pm
  14/08/13 06:51 AM
umaima fasihi Said :
i think time is can be sometimes vector quantity and ca be scalar sometimes scalar because it has no dircection and it may be vector anytime due to our need because time passes from present to future in particular direction .. so it may be vector!!
  23/07/13 10:14 PM
Shubham Banerjee Said :
I am satisfied with this explanation, coz in AS Level I know till this much only..
  15/04/13 06:41 AM
ken lawson Said :
Especially if the movement rate can change.
  08/11/12 01:40 AM
ken lawson Said :
Oh Really... Time is a scalar? Relativity says, as an object aproaches the speed of light that the MOVEMENT of time goes to Zero. If time has movement it must be a vector.
  08/11/12 01:38 AM
Mohammad Farhan Said :
Why time is scalar quantity?
  19/05/12 11:08 PM
Sewa Singh Said :
Yes, time is a scalar quantity.
  13/01/12 09:05 PM
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