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Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning - CICTL Do you know what is the origin of magnetism?
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Do you know what is the origin of magnetism?

Date : 13/09/15 01:21 PM

It is a very basic question that, why the materials are becoming magnetised?

I remember a day, when I was giving lesson to my learners and I explained them about the electromagnetic induction. They were so surprised about the magnetic behavior of materials.

Actually in an atom, tiny electrical particles called electrons move around a central nucleus. Each electron has a magnetic effect as it spins and orbits the the nucleus.

Remember, there is always magnetic field around the moving charge and electric field around the static charge.

In many types of atoms, the magnetic effects of the electrons cancel, but in some they donot, so each atom acts as a tiny magnet.

In an unmagnetised material, the atomic magnets point in a random direction. But as the material becomes magnetised, more and more of its atomic magnets line up with each other.

Together, billions of tiny atomic magnets act as one big magnet.

Steel is used to make permanent magnets because it is hard to magnetise and demagnetise it.

Iron is used to make temporary magnets because iron can be magnetised and demagnetised easily that is why core of transformer is made up of soft iron.

A magnetic material can be demagnetised by hammering or heating it at high temeprature.

cool Magnets can be used to hold a refrigerator door closed. Can you share five other places where you might find a magnet in use?

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No files Attached By : Rifaqat Ali Minhas
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Shady alaaa Said :
1) scrap yards 2) compass 3) on white boards 4) circuit designing 5) new tech trains 6) speakers and head phones
  21/09/15 04:47 PM
Shady alaaa Said :
1) scrap yards 2) compass 3) on white boards 4) circuit designing 5) new tech trains 6) speakers and head phones
  21/09/15 04:47 PM
Ahmed Walid Mohamed Bayoumuy Said :

1) magnets can be used in closing some wallets 2) they are used as paperclip holders 3) they are used in closing gold metal boxes 4) they are used in mobile speakers 5)they are used in closing some pens with their covers

  21/09/15 10:43 AM
Showmik ahmed Said :
1.In compass 2.Speakers 3.Used in junk yards to pick up heavy magnetic materials. 4.used to induce current in transformers. 5.used to drive trains, called MAGLEV trains. HOPE THEY ARE RIGHT sir!
  20/09/15 07:31 PM
abdulrahman murad abdulrahman Said :

1.Collect nails from a porch repair job that have fallen in the grass. 2.find the ferromagnetic materials 3.used in TV 4.hold notes on the fridge 5.can be used with anything that has a motor

  19/09/15 08:27 PM
hudeyfa ali Said :

1.Pin blueprints onto the side or hood of the truck. 2. Create a bulletin board without the use of tacks, tape, or hooks on walls coated with "magnetized" paint containing metals. 3. Protect a tractor's engine: Ceramic magnets placed in the oil pan will attract steel bits that get into the oil from grinding pistons. 4. Fasten steel framing squares to the outside of toolboxes for quick access by gluing magnets to the box sides. 5. Clean up metal shavings that have fallen from the bench grinder onto the workshop floor.

  19/09/15 12:18 PM
Iqdam Waleed Lias Said :

1-Elevators 2-Compasses 3-Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) 4-Walker magnets (construction magnets) 5-Neodymium magnets used in hard drives

  19/09/15 11:55 AM
Bashir Ahmed Siddiqui Said :
1 they are used in compasses for navigation 2 they are used in refrigerators for helping the door to be closed 3 they are used in cranes 4 they are used in scrap areas where they are used to seperate metals from non-metals and finally they are used in electrical bells :)
  19/09/15 12:13 AM
Hadi H H Ismail Said :
1.They are used to construct the electrical motors and the generators which convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice verse.2.They are used in cranes.3.They are used in TV screens, computer screens, telephones and in tape recorders.4.They are used in the Maglev trains. In the Maglev trains, the super conducting magnets are used on the tracks on which the train floats. These types of the trains are working on the repulsion force of the magnets.5.They are used in the electrical bells.
  18/09/15 09:20 PM
Mahmoud AbdelRazag Salih Said :
1-In Telephone speakers 2-Aquarium Magnet Cleaners 3-In the electrical bells 4-The magstripe on the back of the credit card 5-Mobile phone cover
  18/09/15 05:15 PM
Adham Ehab Metawee Said :
1- On banknotes as magnetic ink 2- In laptop/notebook locks and tablet covers 3- As compasses for navigation 4- In scrap yard machines as electromagnets 5- To see if an alloy or metal is made of a ferromagnetic material Extra: As Magnets
  18/09/15 04:33 PM
Ahmed Wahbe Said :
1. magnetic circuit breakers 2. Compass 3. Magnetic levitation trains 4. physics class 5. credit cards
  18/09/15 02:19 PM
Anas Malas Said :
1.they are used in electron beams 2.they are used in particle accelerators and hadron coliders to guide the particles 3.they are used in floating train systems for improved efficiency 4.they are used in conbination with hall effect sensors to sense the closing of a door, drawer, smart smartphone cover, etc. 5.they are used for generation of electricity
  18/09/15 01:50 PM
Abdul mughni Said :
Magnets are used in microvave oven ,speakers,tv,in compasses,laptops etc
  18/09/15 01:29 PM
mohammed adam Said :
they're used for navigation,extraction of metals from non metals,used in speakers to convert electrical enrgy into sound energy to produce audio,used inside a refrigerator to keep the door closed ,and fishing out keys or coins from the sink if they fall there.
  18/09/15 01:28 PM
Ahmed Zaki Said :
1. Used in compasses for navigation. 2. Electromagnets used in scrap yards to move large pieces of metal from one place to another. 3. Can be used to hang photographs and papers on fridge doors. 4. Magnets are used in whiteboard erasers, so the eraser stays on the board (which is convenient because there is less chance of loss) 5. Sold as toys for children.
  17/09/15 05:37 PM
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